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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Biodiversity Study released!

The American Alps working group, headed by Jim Davis, has released its Biodiversity Study.
It's available online as a PDF download at:
Your comments are welcome!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Come see us at the Eddie Bauer Outdoors Fest, Sat. September 18th!

Chuckanut Conservancy will have a booth at the first-ever Outdoors Fest in Seattle, hosted by The Mountaineers. Here's a brief line-up:

Workshops, clinics, gear park, climbing wall, food, drink, kids area, book sale, beer garden, and conservation, with special guest Conrad Anker, a Mount Everest veteran and expert on the 1924 Mallory-Irvine expedition.

Come see us!

DNR comment period extended

Update email from DNR (comment period extended thru SUNDAY):  

September 16, 2010

Hi, folks:

We are winding down to the last days of our online forum on recreation. Thanks to everyone who participated! We've had a great response, but still need to hear from folks from all walks of recreation life. We've extended the forum through midnight this Sunday, September 19. You can respond to any of the day's "conversation starters."

Tomorrow's final conversation starter will be about user fees for access to DNR-managed land. Here's the question we will post tomorrow morning:

Friday, September 17 Conversation Starter – User fees

In this week's discussion on recreation, funding has been a continual theme. We've heard clearly that many of you would support:

∙       Restoring NOVA.
∙       Lifting the lid on the fuel tax refund.
∙       Paying a user fee.

As an alternative to further reducing services or closing recreation areas, we'd like to know more about your thoughts on user fees. What do you think is a fair and equitable user fee that would maintain safe and sustainable recreation access on DNR-managed lands?

Mark R. Mauren
Assistant Division
ManagerRecreation, Public Access and WCC ProgramsAsset
Management and Recreation Division
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

DNR forum - your comments needed!

This week, the Department of Natural Resources is hosting an online forum to get citizens' views on public recreation. Unfortunately, motorheads are making it appear that they are the only ones who care enough to weigh in.

Please go to the forum website and let DNR know that these lands are important recreation areas where you enjoy getting out on your feet! 

The site lists different topics for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but you can still post comments on any or all of those days' topics.

Enforcement and restoration are important because unmanaged motorized recreation can damage trees, soils and water quality, causing Clean Water Act violations and jeopardizing the State's Habitat Conservation Plan for these lands.  Damage to the trees also damages the revenue stream for our schools and other trust beneficiaries of the State trust lands.  We need to keep our water clean and protect wildlife habitat.  We need to restore areas that have been damaged by motorized recreation.

Unmanaged motorized recreation also drives quiet recreationists off their public lands, which is unfair.  The forests belong to everyone, but nobody has the right to abuse them or ruin the experience of everyone else.  Education and enforcement are part of how we stop abuse of public lands.  DNR needs dedicated funding to keep enforcement personnel on the ground.  Motorized recreation should only be located where resource damage can be avoided, and where the land manager has adequate enforcement resources already in place.

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NYT: Researchers Search Cascades for Grizzlies

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mike McCloskey Joins AmAlps Advisory Committee

Former Sierra Club leader Mike McCloskey accepted our invitation to serve on the American Alps Advisory Committee!
I recently received a letter from Polly Dyer asking me to serve on the Advisory
Committee for the campaign to expand the North Cascades National Park.  This is a
wonderful effort, and I shall be glad to be part of it.  Please list my name on this new
advisory committee.     -Regards,   Mike McCloskey
You can read a short article about McCloskey written in Sierra Magazine at the time of his retirement in 1999 at:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Holden Mine comment period ending soon!

It's as simple as sending in a note like this (state you prefer Alternative 11):

Mr. Norman F. Day
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
215 Melody Lane
Wenatchee, WA 98801-5933

Dear Mr. Day and USFS,
Thanks for the opportunity to comment on the proposed Holden Mine remediation action. It is a long time coming, and I am pleased to see the Forest Service finally taking on this challenge.

Please implement Alternative 11. It is the most comprehensive effort, and considering the actions/plan we implement now are supposed to work for two hundred years or more, what we do now is critical. Please don't miss this opportunity to get it right--so many future generations (of humans and every other creature) are counting on us.

I appreciate the concerns of the Holden Village community. Ultimately, placing profits in front of sound policy put us in this situation in the first place. The energy, love, and dedication demonstrated by the Holden Villagers is clear indication they are in no danger of losing their legacy or lifestyle. Indeed, if the remediation is done right this time, they stand to profit for centuries, enjoying and living the benefits of a healthy Railroad Creek.
Thanks for your consideration.

Thomas P Hammond
[snip--removed my full mailing addr and phone]

For background, see the article in our journal last year: The Holden Mine Cleanup Problem (p.4)