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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Patrick Millegan’s bequest honors Harvey and Betty Manning

Patrick Millegan’s bequest
honors Harvey and Betty Manning
July 7, 2015
Dear Tom,
This note is difficult to write, as it represents the last wishes of my beloved partner and friend, Patrick Millegan. He died just over a year ago while climbing the North Twin Sister, a mountain he dearly loved. He had made the climb at least 6 times in the past.
He was at his happiest in the mountains, and of all the places in the world he explored he had a special passion for his “home” range the North Cascades. This bequest represents his commitment to protecting and preserving that which he so loved. He wished that it be in honor of Harvey & Betty Manning, who were close family friends when he was growing up; their own zest and encouragement of his exploring the outdoors is an inspiration to us all.

Patrick Millegan’s $25,000 bequest to NCCC will be invested in ongoing advocacy on behalf of the North Cascades.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The new Fall 2015 issue of The Wild Cascades is now online!

The new Fall issue of TWC is now online:

NCCC Actions, March to September 2015
Lawsuit prompts Forest Service pullback on allowing ATVs on roads
Helicopter assault
Granite Falls motocross project halted — maybe defeated
NCCC’s Millers’ pioneering work to save Big Beaver Valley gets international attention
A bad idea gets worse
Is transplanting grizzly bears to the Cascades really a good idea?
In Memoriam: Betty Manning
Tributes to Betty
Cascade Rambles: Into the North Fork Canyon
Patrick Millegan’s bequest honors Harvey and Betty Manning
North Cascades Glacier Climate Project 2015 — Lower Curtis Glacier
The corvid’s eye
Remove a racist slur from Stehekin

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harvey Manning’s final unpublished works are released by his family for the first time!

NCCC is honored to present Harvey’s final written works, a series of manuscripts that were still unfinished and unpublished at the time of his passing. Presented courtesy of his family, they are in the condition in which they were found, most typewritten, some showing editing markup, all entirely unique and never before available to the public.
Here’s how one box of his work appeared before scanning. 
Click the links below to read them in PDF format. 
(Note that the content of these documents does not necessarily reflect the opinion of NCCC now or at the time they were written – they express only the opinions of their author, Harvey Manning.)