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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The new WILD CASCADES is now online!

The Summer/Fall 2012 issue is now online!

In this issue:
  • North Fork Snoqualmie update
  • Green Mountain lookout must be removed
  • Proposed motocross project on the Mountain Loop Highway
  • NCCC Actions, May – September 2012
  • DNR Snoqualmie Corridor plan taking shape
  • American Alps update
  • “A sense of betrayal” in the Yakima Plan 
  • Charismatic minifauna: North Cascades Pika Project report, 2012
  • On the outside looking in
  • New Wilderness! and NCCC work party 
  • NCCC joins appeal against Enloe Dam rebuild
  • Heli-skiing company gives new meaning to “cut and run”

CLICK HERE to download your copy. 

And remember, our members have had their copies for a couple of weeks already. To get your issue earlier next time, JOIN NCCC!

Monday, November 12, 2012

"North Cascades Crest" reissued

One of our favorite books turns out to be an homage to Tom Miller's of NCCC and his pioneering photo book promoting a National Park for the North Cascades in the early 60s, and it's again in print!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Voices of the North Cascades

A great series of podcasts by Park staff. We worked with Mike Brondi on native plant restoration recently so it's great to hear him tell his personal story in this podcast:

Mike's talk is on the bottom of the list. He talks about "AH-HA" moments. Listening to him is such a moment!