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Thursday, October 29, 2009

AmAlps Presentation at preview of Irate Birdwatcher

Tom Hammond of N3C gave a 10 minute presentation before the movie The Irate Birdwatcher last night to the Issaquah Alps Trails Club. It was a smashing success. He brought 20 American Alps brochures, but there were upwards of 100 people there! Every person wanted one, and they were gone in minutes. Tom reports "They invited N3C back to do a full presentation!"

"The movie The Irate Birdwatcher is the best thing that could happen to the American Alps initiative. It is a wonderful movie with strong messages of conservation, and coupled with a brief American Alps presentation, gets people fired up, and gives them a place to direct the energy generated by the movie -- to American Alps," Tom says. The movie's " Ken Burns multiplied by 1,000."
To all of us who wondered where North Cascades Park was in the Burns series, the release of this film couldn't be better timed!

The next showing of the movie is at The Mountaineers in Seattle next Wednesday at 7pm!

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