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Friday, May 28, 2010

"Impressions of the North Cascades" now available as free online eBook

"A landscape is a complex entity of physical and cultural dimensions. This piece of Earth has a reality entirely separate from us, preceding our human experience and definition of it by billions of years. Over this immense journey through the eons this particular landscape has changed countless times in ways that we, with our growing body of analytical tools, are only beginning to glimpse and understand."- John C. Miles
We've previously mentioned that the collection of essays edited by John C. Miles titled Impressions of the North Cascades: Essays about a Northwest Landscape is now available in print again on a limited basis. But now the editor has made a special online eBook version available through N3C for FREE!

The whole thing's right here:

Enjoy! Thanks again to John C. Miles for permission and to Randy Payne for the html conversion.

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