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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Book Focus Group Meeting Report

A group of about 25 local advocates for preservation of the greater North Cascades met last night at the Mountaineers Clubhouse with the publisher and top staff of Braided River, the conservation publishing division of The Mountaineers Books, to brainstorm about the concept. Reps were present from groups like N3C/AmAlps, Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, Mountaineers Foundation, Mt. Baker Wild, Cascades Wild, REI, American Whitewater, Washington Wilderness Coalition, Seattle Audubon and North Cascades National Park.

All were in agreement that the project not only made sense, but offered a great opportunity to move our mutual agendas for preservation forward. Some random phrases taken from the flip charts included:

-Local communities and stories
-Refugia, Buffers, Corridors
-Succession of efforts, need to be general, long-term
-No one author or photographer
-Not just rocks and ice
-Headwaters of Salish Sea
-Front-country and families

One highlight was to be able to peruse a big collection of historic wild land advocacy books published over the years, including of course The Wild Cascades: Forgotten Parkland, that so inspired the move for a national park in the North Cascades in the 60s.

The Mountaineers and Braided River released a campaign announcement and contribution form, now online at:   You can just print it out and send it in with your monetary contribution!

Stay tuned for more info here and anyone with an interest in contributing their writing and/or photography, just leave a comment here and we'll get back with you!

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