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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


REI is sponsoring a free screening of 
The Irate Birdwatcher, Crest Pictures' latest film, at the Seattle Flagship store on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 7 pm - 8:30 pm. We will be there to introduce our film and to answers questions afterwards. Tom Hammond, spokesperson for the American Alps Legacy Project, will also be on hand to give a brief talk about their proposal to expand the North Cascades National Park. 

The Irate Birdwatcher is first meant to be a documentary about wilderness preservation – to encourage citizen activism and stewardship, but it's also a moving testament to Harvey Manning, the legendary Northwest writer and conservationist. As many know from his 100 Hikes series, Harvey was an avid outdoorsman who spent a lifetime roaming our local peaks and valleys, and writing passionately about them. He was also a staunch conservationist dedicated to their protection, unafraid to speak his mind about those causes closest to his heart, namely wilderness preservation. In the early 60s Harvey (using the pen name the "Irate Birdwatcher") became the voice of a band of hikers and climbers, turned conservationists, who spearheaded the grassroots movement bringing us the North Cascades National Park, as well as other designated wilderness areas in Washington. The inspiring words spoken in The Irate Birdwatcher were taken from the many writings Harvey authored over the years. He has often been called a visionary and a crusader; David Brower of the Sierra Club pronounced him, "Hero of the Earth."
 The 55-minute film follows Harvey through the decades as he unveils the beauty of Washington's wildest places, and discovers the need to stand up and fight for their very survival.  For more information regarding the screening time, location and reservations (space is limited) see:

The Irate Birdwatcher
Crest Pictures 
Filmed and Edited by Robert Chrestensen
Produced and Directed by Robert and Kathy Chrestensen
Words by Harvey Manning
Voice by Earl V. Prebezac
Music by David Michael
To view a short trailer visit The Irate Birdwatcher homepage:

For additional background information, including the film synopsis, bios and promotional stills, and to read what people are saying about it, go to the Media page on the Birdwatcher website:

The film in its entirety, along with a few bonus features, is available on DVD at: Kathy Chrestensen
Crest Pictures ~
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