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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From the Pres

"In some cases, critics of AmAlps have somehow confused the AALP with other more controversial NCCC positions such as forest road rebuilding projects ... Despite misrepresentations by some, the American Alps Legacy Project was conceived primarily to provide and protect access for the public so they may enjoy these special places. In my opinion, the National Park approach is the best way to accomplish this goal and to fairly regulate the use of the North Cascades. Don’t be misled by those who say we are denying access. Rather, we are encouraging access for the public, now and in the future."

- Marc Bardsley, President, NCCC, The Wild Cascades Summer/Fall 2011


Anonymous said...

Marc and Phil - If providing and protecting public access is truly at the heart of your proposal, who then stands to lose their current or projected future access rights if the areas proposed for expansion remain under management by their CURRENT custodian, and how is it that these historic access rights being threatened today?

More to the point, if the proposal is advanced as you have crafted it, which user groups WILL stand to lose their current and historic rights of access to these areas, or find their access burdened with additional permitting and regulation?

If you're really going to be objective about this, perhaps sharing both lists side by side will help the general public, the electeds you are lobbying (and even the torch bearing pitchfork weilders) understand your intentions as they relate to accessibility.

Let's see about Mr. Hammond's objectivity on this one...

Dan said...

I live in Glacier and support the proposed incorporation of the Nooksack Headwaters into the North Cascade National Park. It would provide a much needed northwest conduit into the park, as well as add important wildlife and habitat protection to this unique low elevation valley.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

The groups that stands to lose access in the American Alps Legacy Project (AALP) proposal are the resource extraction industries, the timber beast, the miners and the small hydro-power generators. The area proposed for inclusion in the North Cascades National Park are currently unprotected by LAW. See Tom Hammond's Blog. The AALP seeks to preserve these areas in perpetuity for the benefit of generations to come.

Ed Henderson