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Monday, May 21, 2012

Interpretive Center opens June 9th at Twisp

Tom and I got a request for the use of our photos of Tower Creek today from "Twisp Works." Turns out there's a new interpretive center opening on the east side of the North Cascades, in the town of Twisp on Hwy 20, and one of their displays is about the geology of the North Cascades. They were looking for a picture of a classic U-shaped glacial valley, that are common in the Cascades. They found this blog and liked our pictures of Tower Creek, at the headwaters of the Methow. It is a classic glacial valley. To see it from this perch you have to hike the PCT as my brother and I did to the point about halfway between Harts Pass and Rainy Pass, then ascend a side trail to Snowy Lakes (spectacular in themselves) then ascend that much elevation again on a steep scree field to the knife-edge of the Cascade Crest itself and look over the rim. That's the vantage point from which I took my version of the photo:

The new interpretive center is where our photo(s) will be exhibited, and it's opening June 9th -- they have a full weekend of events  --  check out their website:

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