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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Guest post from a board member's son

Here's an inspiring blog post from Trevor Fenner, who recently spend 6 days in the Mt. Baker Wilderness with his Dad and Uncle:

The North Cascades

Wicked beauty. Sharp rocks, steep cliffs, hidden passageways, glaciers, and snow bridges. This place is not the cute national park many think of when they go car camping, this place is real wilderness. Much like Alaska, and remote parts of Canada, the north cascades are one of the last remaining places on earth that are truly remote. To reach much of the national park, one must suit up and pack for 20 miles of hiking and at least a week of camping. The best part about backpacking the north cascades in the summer time is the tranquility. Not many people go backpacking, which makes the experience much more peaceful for those that do, and in the summer time the clouds give way to sunshine and warmth that are rare for these areas.
The mountains and valleys feel like a giant outdoor cathedral where the great creations of Mother Nature can be seen, felt, smelled, tasted and experienced. The wildlife out here is rare, but the occasional critter peaks up every now and again, sometimes making a distinct sound. The birds are majestic. Bald eagles, golden eagles, and hawks can be seen soaring high above the ridge tops looking for prey.



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