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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A member's letter to Congress

An NCCC member sent the following letter to both Senator Cantwell and Senator Murray today:

December 2, 2014

The Honorable Maria Cantwell
311 Hart Senate Office BuildingWashington DC 20510

CC: North Cascades Conservation Council

RE: Stehekin Road

Dear Honorable Senator Cantwell:

There was an article in the Seattle P-I (Joel Connelly, Nov 24th) concerning possible legislation to rebuild the Stehekin Road as part of a legacy for departing Republican Representative Doc Hastings.  If Congress wants to honor him, the Manhattan Project National Historic Park would be a fine legacy.  But, please, do not put rebuilding the Stehekin Road into any legislation.

The people that want to access the upper Stehekin Valley will find a way.  I am 64 years old, yet have hiked over Cascade Pass down to Cottonwood Camp several times (post heart attacks) in the last 10 years.  I have hiked up to Black Warrior Mine in the upper valley.  I have hiked multiple times down the Bridge Creek drainage to High Bridge above Stehekin.  Please do not move Wilderness boundaries in order to facilitate a new road; this action alone would set a terrible precedent for our Wilderness areas.  The money to rebuild this 'road to nowhere' would be a waste of scarce National Park funds when there are so many other Park projects that would benefit so many more people.

And why would anyone be concerned about honoring Mr. Hastings with an environmental legacy when he has been one of the most anti-environmental congressmen ever from the State of Washington?  If he wants to do something for our state's environment, let him support Wild and Scenic River status for the Middle Fork- Snoqualmie River and Illabot Creek drainages and add the Pratt River area to our existing Alpine Lakes Wilderness. 

Thank you for your continuing support in keeping our state environmentally sensitive.


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