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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Block Military Helicopters from Alpine Lakes Wilderness and vicinity of PCT

Scoping Comments Needed by July 30
The Department of the Army has a Scoping Document out now for public comment that proposes a number of high-altitude sites on the east side of the North Cascades for helicopter landing training. One of the sites is within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, even though the 1964 Wilderness Act prohibits aircraft landings in Wilderness! Another site is adjacent to the PCT!

U.S. Army Training
Army plans to use North Cascades for dangerous helicopter training. Source: THC News
Please send a quick email to the Army opposing these sites. Use your own words, but try to include the following points:
1. Site MTA 1-4 (the proposed site within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness) must be removed from further consideration, since it lies within a designated Wilderness. The Wilderness Act prohibits the landing of aircraft in Wilderness.
2. Azurite (Pk) site MTA 1-6: if it’s adopted the chances of the Liberty Bell/Sawtooth Roadless Areas gaining park or wilderness status dwindle. Furthermore it is critical mountain goat habitat.  Finally, it's proximity to the Pacific Crest Trail would eliminate the character of the area and compromise the visits/experiences of citizens at this highly utilized resource.
3. Further environmental review for this project must thoroughly analyze noise and other impacts on any Wildernesses or National Parks near the other proposed helicopter landings.
4. Any military training exercise – by air, on land, installing instrumentation, etc. – within designated Wilderness is inappropriate and should be prohibited.
5. The Army should follow FAA guidelines to protect Wilderness by keeping overflights at least 2,000-feet above ground level.
Here's how to submit your comments:
Put “JBLM Off-base Helicopter Training” in the subject line and email your comments by July 30 to:
Also send a copy to the Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest Supervisor Mike Williams:

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And Here's the link to the Scoping Document:

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