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Monday, November 30, 2009

Irate Birdwatcher DVD now on sale!

Our friends at Crest Pictures just released their latest film The Irate Birdwatcher. It's all about wilderness preservation as told in the words of Harvey Manning, the legendary Northwest conservationist, co-founder of N3C, and prolific author (famous for the 100 Hikes series and the mountaineering bible Freedom of the Hills).

Tom Hammond says:

We had a great turnout at both screenings of the Birdwatcher .. and lots of folks wanted to buy the DVD right there on the spot. Unfortunately, we didn't have it to sell yet. But, we do now and need to reach all those people again who were interested in purchasing it .. plus anyone else!

The movie is most inspiring ... following the man through decades as he unveils the beauty of Washington's wildest places, and discovers the need to stand up and fight for their survival. This DVD would make a perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast and nature lover.

Here's a video of some excerpts:

If you'd like to buy a copy (or more) you can shop for it here:

Read more about the film at:

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