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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Middle Fork Giants

Brad Allen has created a great set of resources for those of us who love huge old trees. We've known there were a few of these overlooked during the 30s logging of the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River and the Pratt River valleys, but Brad went to the trouble to map and inventory them, and has posted a lot of his info on his website:

In his book (the first chapter of which is available as a free download from his website) he credits a backpacking tour of North Cascades National Park, and especially of the BIG BEAVER VALLEY in one of the American Alps study areas, as his inspiration!

Here's Brad with one of the Middle Fork Giants, "A 250 foot Douglas fir with a 10 foot diameter base:"

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Brad said...

Thank you for the nice write up and reference. The Big Beaver Valley was in fact the original inspiration for my somewhat quixotic quest for big trees in the Snoqualmie Middle Fork Valley. Although I have yet to find anything as magnificent as the stands in the North Cascades, I hope others can use the maps, directions, and historical context to enjoy a day in an old growth grove close to home.