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Friday, April 2, 2010

Watershed Restoration Initiative for Washington State National Forests

Washington State Dept. of Ecology released this guide to how to deal with one of the worst impacts of logging -- the "legacy roads," which were left behind by logging operations and continue to "bleed" sediment into streams and perpetuate landslides in cuts and fills. 

Photo of a typical culvert washout, from the report. Note the person wearing a red hard-hat at the bottom of the picture, for scale.


N3C co-authored the report along with 18 other groups. It's available online at:

6 Steps to a Solution:
  1. Increase funding in 2011 to meet the need.
  2. Right size the system. Identify a minimum road system.
  3. Prioritize the work: Target projects to get the biggest bang for the buck.
  4. Create green, local, family-wage jobs.
  5. Dedicate adequate monitoring funds to the Forest Service.
  6. Provide adequate Forest Service staff to support project partnerships.

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