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Friday, August 6, 2010

Cascade Pass "Plant Carry" next weekend is the legacy of a "biological milestone"

Patrick Goldsworthy, board chairman and elder statesman of N3C, wrote in the Spring '07 issue of The Wild Cascades:
Joe and Margaret Miller devoted untold energy and time to bringing back the vegetative health of damaged alpine regions of the North Cascades. Their eventual successful revegetation of Cascade Pass was a biological milestone that has served to promote the program throughout damaged regions of the national parks and national forests of the Cascades.

Joe passed away in '07. Margaret will be among the N3C folks carrying native plants to Cascade Pass next Saturday to continue the legacy! JOIN US! RSVP to:

For twenty-five years we worked on a plan

To restore wild country from the impact of man.

Though aging body keeps me now from the wilderness scene,

I visit these places still on memory’s screen.

My legacy is that I restored wild lands

With years of work with mind and hands.

— Joseph W. (Joe) Miller
Christmas card, 2005

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