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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Millers' Revegetation "Bible" from 1977 now online

Who notices that under the Seattle City Light powerlines up the Skagit River valley in the North Cascades you'll see low-growing native plants, not the usual herbicided wastelands under most power lines...? Who to thank? N3C's Joe and Margaret Miller, being celebrated this Saturday at Cascade Pass!

Joe and Margaret's revegetation "Bible" from 1977 is now online, too!

From the introduction:
In the past ten years more and more of us have become increasingly aware of the impact of people on the backcountry of our wilderness areas and parks. This effect is certainly evident in the North Cascades, especially in the choice but scarce alpine and subalpine meadows. In 1970 we were asked to begin a revegetation project on Cascade Pass in the North Cascades National park. In the past this area had been heavily visited and used for camping by both backpackers and horse parties. Its beaten down meadows full of impacted trails, barren campsites, eroded gullies and assorted horrors stimulated us to study and conduct trials of revegetation methods.
Read more of their original report HERE. We're celebrating the legacy of Joe and Margaret Miller this Saturday morning at 10am at Cascade Pass! Margaret herself will be there to help us with our annual N3C "Plant Carry!"

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