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Saturday, November 20, 2010

TWC Summer/Fall 2010 issue - now online!

The journal of the North Cascades Conservation Council, our parent org --> some adventure, plenty of advocacy and a bit of outrage!

  • President’s Report — Marc Bardsley
  • A special contribution to the NCCC would help
  • Saving the Cascades with social media — Philip Fenner
  • Forest Service proposes Illabot road decommissioning — Rick McGuire
  • Viewpoint: Into the wilds with iceaxe, cellphone and GPS — John S. Edwards
  • American Alps Biodiversity Report released — Jim Davis
  • Researching biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics in our American Alps — Phillip Zalesky
  • More news from Reiter Forest — Karl Forsgaard
  • Finney AMA Plan disappoints — Rick McGuire
  • Margaret Miller returns to Cascade Pass — Tom Hammond
  • Joe Miller — American Hero — Tom Hammond
  • Suggested Revegetation Practices — Margaret M. Miller and Joseph W. Miller, prepared for the National Park Service June, 1977
  • Bumping Lake ancient forest — One of a kind — Brock Evans
  • North Cascades Glacier Climate Project — Tom Hammond
  • Stehekin road tour with Senator Cantwell — Jim Davis
  • PCT border crossing warning — Richard M. Graham, Jr., U.S. Border Patrol
  • Books and video available
  • NCCC membership application

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