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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Freedom

N3C's Tom Hammond writes:

"I'm into numbers. In computer talk, today is 101111. Next year will be 111111. Any way you cut it, I am keenly aware of two holidays and try to celebrate freedom as only the Hills can provide--freedom in part paid for by the service of so many people here and gone, near and far. Memorial Day and Veteran's Day may mean war movies to some, but to others, they mean a chance for peace and quiet, effort and reflection.
"I went to a place I haven't been in eight years, the headwaters of the Snoqualmie River--the South Fork to be exact. This cirque--below Chair Peak and The Tooth. with Snoqualmie Peak on the North, is about a mile from a major ski resort. Fortunately, there was just enough snow to keep the crowds at bay (there're no skiers yet, but scores of hikers, as I found out on my hike down--a word to be said for an early start). Anyway, I went up there to pay my respects and celebrate the efforts of so many, and the fate and blessings which have delivered me to a life in the most advanced nation on the planet (still). Within an hour's drive of two million people, I enjoyed a sometimes sunny, sometimes socked in world of delight, the first snows of winter (the second actually, the first melted off), thankful for the opportunity.
"We live in a very special place, not just the United States, but the Pacific Northwest. There is something to be said for taking care of our headwaters--this is what the good life is all about. I know many veterans who would agree with me, and many, many more who have no concept of this place. I thank them all just the same."
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