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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

American Alps status report, July 2011

Many of you have asked what is happening with the American Alps Legacy Project itself.  We’re happy to report that there is much more to the American Alps campaign than taking trips to the mountains and bringing back pretty photographs.

Hard work is taking place, both in Washington State, and Washington DC.  Local, state and federal elected officials have expressed a new level of interest, and most importantly, support for our efforts to recognize these spectacular lands as National Park.  Communities across the region have also expressed interest and support, as we have criss-crossed the North Cascades to engage citizens and hear their thoughts and gather local input.    

There is much more work to do, but be aware -- this thing is really moving, and success depends on all of you being directly engaged!

We need you to send letters of support to your elected officials, especially at the federal level, several of whom have recently expressed a high level of support for American Alps. 
As Harvey Manning once said in the original campaign for Park protection:  “Your head bone is connected to your letter-writing finger bones!" 
(That's Harvey above, ca. 1955, photo courtesy of Betty Manning)
Washington's Congressional contact info - click the links and tell them you support the American Alps Project! (Easier today than in Harvey's day, no envelopes or stamps needed):

Rick Larsen:

Sending our representatives to Washington DC, where these decisions are ultimately made, entails expenditures. Now is a crucial time to keep the ball rolling! Donations are welcome and easy to make at our website:

Thanks for your support—your energy and engagement are absolutely critical to our efforts!

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