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Monday, October 24, 2011

American Alps featured in Skagit Valley Herald

Check out this cartoon that ran in Sunday's Skagit Valley Herald!


Anonymous said...

It would have been more accurate of the cartoonist to have the virtuous babe (North Cascades National Park) be depicted instead by Smokey the Bear (the USFS), but AALP guy is dead-on with his special interest lobbyist look.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it would be more accurate to have shown Smokey the Bear (USFS) as the bouncer keeping the bum from getting inside in the first place as USFS protections and restrictions already minimize such activites. Of course American Alps would want to overstate the risk to benefit their proposal which has more to do with enlarging the egos of those such as Mr. Jackson than truly caring for the landscape of North Cascades National Park. Just check out the Economic Study which promotes a HUGE increase in traffic as the savior for national park communities like Concrete, Marblemount, Mazama and Winthrop. Anyone who has visited Mount Rainier knows that those communities (Elbe, Ashford, Greewater, Enumclaw) are not thriving havens of economic opportunity despite visitation figures that are sky high and in some cases (Paradise) year-round. Cartoons are funny. The Am Alps proposal is downright scary and misleading if you take the time to really understand the goals of those supporting it politically (King County Council, et al.)