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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New American Alps proposal map released

Check out the latest map revision, and give us your thoughts!

Go to our AmAlps website maps page and click the map for a full-sized PDF version:


blogger123 said...

I'm trying to understand the changes in the latest proposal and how they differ from the prior version. It would appear that Ross Lake is now proposed to be converted from NRA to NPS land. Is that correct?

Phil Fenner said...

Changes related to Ross Lake NRA are the addition of the east bank of Ross Lake up to the Pasayten. Also, from the beginning, we have left out all of the FERC area around the Skagit Hydro Project. This includes the lakes, up to 100 feet above the lake shore lines, the power houses, SCL facilities, and the powerline corridor along Hwy 20, and the NCI Environmental Learning Center.
With this change we also added the Nooksack headwaters, expanded the Baker Rainforest area and removed the Methow headwaters, all due to local concerns in those areas.