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Friday, February 24, 2012

More from Jan Henderson

From an interview with Jan Henderson to be published in upcoming issues of The Wild Cascades:
Q: NCCC has been very skeptical about “restoration” logging, or thinning, and the idea that it can accelerate the development of “old growth characteristics” in younger forests. Can you tell us what you think of such claims?
APersonally I think the idea of "restoration" in this context is a ghost.  It appears to some people as a single faint image, to others as more defined but still vague images and to others, not at all.  No one, in my opinion, has presented a good vision of what is being restored or even how to do it.  Yet there is a strong momentum to do "something".  Doing something that increases the diameter of residual trees has very little to do with actually restoring old-growth forests, and often does more harm in this regard by setting back the development of many other important old-growth related characteristics.
See our previous post on 1/27 re. JH. And keep in mind, NCCC members get their copies of TWC by mail several weeks before it's posted on the NCCC website, so join us!

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