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Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Keepers of the Beat" N. Cascades glacier film now online!

The North Coast & Cascades Science Learning Network (SLN) is pleased to announce a new film on glacier monitoring. "Keepers of the Beat" features Dr. Jon Riedel, NPS glaciologist at North Cascades National Park showing how and why he takes the pulse of glaciers. The title refers to the fact that glaciers respond to environmental conditions and keep a record of their past history, the "beats" of time. 

Glaciers in all Northwest national parks are shrinking fast. “Keepers of the Beat” shares Dr. Riedel’s findings, ties in related work at Mount Rainier, and explains how the projects are linked together. In the film we see the scientists going about their work and we also learn of their personal motivations and concerns. “Keepers” is 18 minutes long and streamed in HD video at

“Keepers” and the other short videos at the site are products of the SLN, a National Park Service program serving all the Northwest national parks. Its mission is to encourage park research and to disseminate results of  that research. Please contact the program’s director, Dr. Jerry Freilich, for more information (, 360-565-3082).

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