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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NCCC member is Artist in Residence in NCNP this summer

Here's how NCCC member Ethan Welty describes his work in North Cascades Park this summer:

Precipitous granite faces, tree-drenched valleys, lofty alpine basins host to most of the glaciers in the lower 48. Although within sight of Seattle, the North Cascades comprise one of the most intact, inaccessible, and least visited wildlands in the contiguous United States. Raised in Seattle, I am thankful to have once called these mountains home. Standing among them, my intellectual and aesthetic fascination for the natural world converged and found a voice. Among them, I aspired to become a mountaineer, a glaciologist, and a photographer.

Although I now live in Colorado, I return often to celebrate the mountains that first inspired my camera. My goal, which will surely take a lifetime, is to assemble a spatially comprehensive, photographic portrait of the shy and beautiful range. On my last visit, I focused on landscapes lying just outside the National Park, hoping to assist American Alps Legacy Project in their battle to expand Congressional protection in the region. This summer, as artist-in-residence at North Cascades National Park, I train my camera on the rugged landscapes lying both within and beyond the park, researching and photographing as many objectives as time allows. In late August, I plan to share my experiences and my craft in an evening slideshow and in a one-day photo workshop (dates and location to be determined).

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