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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lee Mann photos of the Ptarmigan Traverse from the early 1960s!

As Phil Fenner and I have been going through Patrick Goldsworthy's collection of conservation materials (okay, Phil has done 99% of the effort here :), he found about a dozen 16x20 black and white prints of a mountain trip.  I quickly identified it as the Ptarmigan Traverse, an amazing mountain trip to be done only by seasoned, experienced mountaineers.  This traverse is hard enough to do with ropes, crampons and the requisite alpine gear, but Lee Mann did it with a HUGE 4x5 camera, which must have weighed a ton.
Anyway, Phil was kind enough to do a preliminary digitization, and get them on our photo gallery.  I have since ordered them and added/edited the original captions.  Enjoy the photo gallery here:

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Phil Fenner said...

Just shows you how deprived my life has been, not having done the Ptarmigan Ptraverse myself!! One of these days I just gotta do it - but I think this year I'll wait till we're past avalanche season!