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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Annotated Wilderness Act

Here's a great reference guide from Doug Scott of the Pew Campaign for America's Wilderness:

Doug says,
This PDF distills everything I have learned about the word choices and the intent behind them in the Wilderness Act -- and the Eastern Wilderness Areas Act, the Endangered American Wilderness Act -- and the wilderness provisions of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act (how many knew the ADA had a wilderness provision?)

This is not only the legislative intent as a judge would parse it.  Indeed, there have been few if any needs for a judge to parse the Wilderness Act because Zahnie* was so precise a wordsmith.  But this also includes what I know about the intent behind Zahnie's word choices, and those made by his closest confidants, Dave Brower, George Marshall (long president of the Sierra Club), and others. [You'll soon be able to find] this and other resources on my site,  One thing up there (or soon will be) is a summary of all the major laws that made important policy corrections over the last 50 years -- including RARE-II.
This year is the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act, and we'd all do well go go back and give it a good thorough read, with Doug's help!

 *Howard Zahniser, who was the primary author of the Act and executive director of The Wilderness Society.

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