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Friday, October 17, 2014

Wilderness50 Day 3

Forgot to post this one from Wednesday - apparently they believe all fires start in Wilderness and are the work of the devil and a government conspiracy...

Today's #Wilderness50 sessions started off with Jack Oelfke of NOCA talking about how much trammeling will accompany wildlife restoration programs in "our" Park. 
The conclusion was clear - predators had been largely extirpated by the time the Park became Wilderness in '88, so the short-term use of mechanized means to recover those species is more than offset by the long-term ecosystem benefits of restoring predators. Some comments challenged the Park Service's frequent use of helicopters in Wilderness as a foregone conclusion. 
Next I attended a talk by a documentary producer working on a film honoring William O. "Wild Bill" Douglas, our northwest SCOTUS Justice who championed so many wilderness causes. 
A film that came to us from our co-founder's collection, "Beach Hike" from the '57 Olympic Beach march led by WOD, will add some live color footage, previously unknown, to the documentary. The trailer short will appear in the Film Gala tomorrow. 

Over lunch, heads of the 4 Federal Agencies who administer Wilderness signed the "2020 Vision: Interagency stewardship priorities" document, pledging to coordinate their efforts for Wilderness. 
Then I really enjoyed a session about the future of Wilderness, with George Nickas of Wilderness Watch and the legendary Dave Foreman of Rewilding Institute:
More to come...

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