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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hiking the "American Alps" just outside North Cascades National Park

Seattle Times article from September, '08, reveals the story of a spectacular trip along the PCT in the big area southeast of Ross Lake that's unprotected now... "left out" of North Cascades National Park!

If you've ever hiked through Golden Horn country, you, too will be astonished to know it was left out of the Park!

Its neighborhood is so classy: A national park lies just three miles to the south; a wilderness area borders it to the north. So why is it, some people wonder, that the land next door, which contains one of the state's most dramatic sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, carries no similar handle-with-care designation? The views will likely have your heart singing and your brain wondering how anyone could think such dazzling scenes don't belong in a national park.
JOIN US to secure permanent protection for this scenic wonder! It's our generation's clarion call! "Just say NO" to logging and mining in this natural paradise!

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