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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reminder: IBW on KCTS tomorrow night!

The Irate Birdwatcher airs tomorrow night on KCTS9 Seattle!

Air: Thursday, April 1, 10:30 pm on KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima

Future Airs: 04/05/10, 4:30 am KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima; 04/05/10, 4:30 am KYVE 47Yakima; 04/11/10, 6:00 pm KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima; 04/11/10, 6:00 pm KYVE 47Yakima

This is a documentary about wilderness preservation and Harvey Manning, the legendary Northwest writer and conservationist. In the early 1960s Manning (using the pen name the "Irate Birdwatcher") became the voice of a band of dedicated hikers and climbers who spearheaded the grassroots movement bringing us the North Cascades National Park, as well as other designated wilderness areas in Washington. The film features inspiring words taken from the many writings Manning authored over the years, unveiling the beauty of Washington's wildest places and the need to fight for their very survival.

Run Time: 00:26:08

Note: this is a shortened version of the original full hour video. The FULL DVD is also for sale!

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