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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Biodiversity Report updated!

 A significant proportion of the federal lands in the North Cascades provide no protection for wildlife and fish or have only administrative protections that can be eliminated by future federal administrations. The Northwest Forest Plan and the Roadless Area system have not been authorized by Congress and do not guarantee long-term protection from logging, biomass removal, hydropower, mining, off-road vehicles, and hunting. These threats could ultimately prove devastating to some wildlife and fish species. The American Alps Legacy Project has analyzed and identified the potential of more than 300,000 acres of national recreation area lands and national forest lands that, if incorporate into an expanded North Cascades National Park, would guarantee protection for the many species that call the North Cascades their home. This report lays out the scientific justification for expanding the North Cascades National Park.
-From the new version of the Biodiversity Report, just released! Download the full report at:

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