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Monday, December 20, 2010

S. 303 nears critical vote! Alpine Lakes additions and Illabot Creek in the balance.

As some of you may be aware, Senator Reid introduced an omnibus public lands bill last week that included Alpine Lakes additions and, the Illabot W&S river bill.  With little time left in this Congress and still needing a vote in the House because they're now in a package, prospects are getting slim but we haven't given up hope of getting it passed.

Word has it that Senator Reid is not getting enough calls in support to actually push it ahead on the very tight remaining Senate calendar and if it doesn't pass THIS Congress, God only knows what will happen, if anything, next Congress.  So if we call OUR senators, the hope is that will spur some action.  Of course, you can always call Senator Reid's office as well but I don't know how much that helps since he's not our Senator.  Best to call the DC offices because that's where the action is as we speak.  The bill number is S. 303

Call today, even if its only to leave a message!

Senator Murray (202) 224-2621
Senator Cantwell (202) 224-3441

Senator Reid (202) 224-3542

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