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Monday, December 6, 2010

Braided River announces North Cascades book/media campaign

North Cascades Campaign

Completing the Vision

The Mountaineers has a long legacy of conservation in the Pacific Northwest.  Beautiful coffee table photographic books published by Mountaineers Books have been held up on the Senate floor, hand delivered to U.S. Presidents during legislative debates, and have been instrumental in galvanizing people to become engaged in public policy debates.


Braided River is raising funds to support publication of a book that will bring the North Cascades alive through vivid imagery and stories. Through citizen activism, Washington’s North Cascades National Park was created over 40 years ago. However, magnificent mountains, lowland old growth forests, and pristine rivers in the North Cascades that many people believe to be inside the national park boundaries or federally designated wilderness areas remain unprotected.  We must do all we can to protect and preserve these valued lands before they are irreversibly lost to resources extraction, power development, and motorized recreation.

The Mountaineers and other conservation groups aim to finish this work, and expand the park to protect scenic landscapes not included in the original designation.
The book will be just the beginning of a robust campaign that will include events, media, exhibits, and more—all based on magnificent images and stories of this magnificent landscape. The Mountaineers will collaborate with numerous regional grassroots organizations, and plans to craft the book so it will be a useful media tool for the overall campaign. Publication will be in 2011 or 2012.

Contributions to this campaign help us doubly to reach our goal since every dollar donated up to $25,000 is generously matched by the Conservation Committee of The Mountaineers.
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