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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AmAlps Conclave Praises Blog, Greets Supporters

At the meeting last night, key players in the American Alps Project met to map-out future strategy. Among the hot topics were THIS BLOG and the newly refurbished AmAlps main website! Phil says:
I had to take a bow and explain that it's really just as simple as writing an email to a group, but in this case the group is all of our supporters out there! (There seems to be some interest in a Facebook page... stay tuned...) And just so ya know -- the AmAlps site now features a web-based Field Guide and online Photo Gallery that focuses on the study areas, with new photo albums posted recently that play as nice big full-screen slideshows using Google's "Picasa." Here's a sample thumbnail from one of the new galleries, courtesy of Tom: 

You'll also get a kick out of some of the "retro" postcards from the 60s I put up on our "The Story" page!
And speaking of supporters, we had reps from several groups present who are now or will soon be fully signed-on members of the American Alps coalition! Of course Mountaineers and NPCA reps were present but a few new ones were, too, and we'll be announcing these new partnerships soon.

Also Jim Davis, N3C Executive Director, said more about the AmAlps economic impact study that's starting soon. (See our previous blog post about that.) A consultant has been hired and the study will be getting underway with the new year.

Anyone interested in forging new alliances our exploring the economic benefits of new Park in the North Cascades is encouraged to contact us at

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