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Sunday, December 6, 2009

American Alps photos coming!

Hi Folks,
Be aware there'll be more action on this site now that Phil has shown me how to easily get photos and words on this space. Stay tuned for some photo galleries on areas of the American Alps proposal. I'm sure you'll be surprised and stunned to find many spectacular areas are not protected in any formal sense. I know the USFS folks administering areas in question take issue with the characterization the lands are "unprotected", but the fact is, administrative protections such as "Inventoried Roadless" can be swept away with the single stroke of a pen by an unaware president or some such, and then these same good people are compelled to dig mines, or build roads in places they don't really belong (see Azurite mine).
Lots more photos, keyed to a map of proposed additions to NCNP, are now available for viewing on the Photo Gallery page of the American Alps website!

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