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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Photos posted to the AmAlps Gallery

More photos have been added to the American Alps Photo Galleries! This time it's some spectacular winter shots taken from near Cascade Pass. Here's a little taste:

On the Galleries page, look under "Area 2: Cascade River" for the new top listing: "Cascade River - various Spring trips in 2008 and 2009." Check out that bear and avalanche track!

And a little tech note from our web guru: some of our galleries  start in SLIDESHOW MODE. Nice big full-screen photos appear! But they change too fast! So... just click the PAUSE button right away (it's one with the 2 vertical bars) and take your time to soak-up the scene and read the caption, advancing the photos manually with the "right arrow." 

The Picasa photo site likes to start showing slides in 3-second rapid mode, which is too fast for our taste, and there doesn't seem to be a way to change how it behaves when it starts-up. You can slow it down by clicking the little (+) symbol below the photo, but we think it's best to just PAUSE it and use the "right arrow" when you're ready - no need to rush these spectacular pics! And just click the big "X" on the right to close the slideshow and see all the thumbnails, and choose any pic you want by clicking on it. Enjoy!

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